Into Oblivion…

There was no other way.I had to do it.
Break u.. so much .. that u never believe in me again..
Probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in life till now… I know what I am going thru and what I Will go thru for the rest of my life without u.. but I know one day it won’t matter coz I know you will be happy, oblivious of me and thanking ur stars for having spared u the horror that was me.
One day..


She’ll never be happy, You deserve joy

She is not the one for you, dear boy

This is not your time to feel sad & grieve

This is your chance to pack up and leave


And it’s over…
I breathe a sigh of relief..
But, Sigh! It’s over…




So easy to fall back into what you know is a trap.
You know you’ll end up hurt but you can’t stop yourself.. Y?
Y do humans do that? Fully knowing adverse consequences  , yet doing what ideally shouldn’t be done.
Weak will powers? Insecurities? What?

What’s your poison?

A cocktail of memories (of the yesteryear)
Drunk on thoughts (of how things used to be)
Hungover with questions (on why I let it go so wrong)

Ugghhh !! where’s the aspirin?


You don’t know her.. noone does.