Rainy Day!


Raindrops.. on the window pane..

so beautiful, so divine..

The view – a blur, yet so clear,

so hard to define.


Tracing with your fingers..

the haggard patterns that form,

getting lost in thoughts…

of the times that made u feel comfy n warm.


What is it that makes the rains seem so magical?

it reminds you of love, laughter, sadness –

so many emotions – its nearly theatrical.


The big black clouds and the tiny shiny droplets

– what a contrast..

teaches you once again – life and world’s mysteries r

unpredictably vast…


Learn from this if nothing else,

The rains, like ur tears, will pour

The lightning, like life’s catastrophe’s, will roar

The black clouds, like ur anguish, will part

The sun, like joy, will shine soon – and warm ur heart.


What do you think?

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