Do it!

Lord! Give me strength
To either bear it or somehow let go
To either finally reject it or accept n bow

I know I have made my decision
Why am I still sitting, unmoving
What am I waiting for n
What the f*** m I proving?

It has to b done
Whether now or even later
I just need one spurt of courage
No desire bigger than this, no wish greater

Why should I wait for others to b ready?
Why should I think of how it’ll make them feel?
I know I am as ready as I can be
Why do I have to keep waiting for everything to be ideal?

Never will everyone around u be happy
Nothings ever going to be just perfect
I am just going to do it
I am now no longer ready to sacrifice my self-respect.

I am a good woman
I deserve a better life and
a lot of joy
I admit I made a mistake
But I am no longer ready
to be dealt with like just a toy.


What do you think?

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