Busted but happy

All is out there in the open
There’s nothing more left to be said
every little nitty gritty of the life left behind
that I used to dread

Well it’ll have its repercussions
of this I am very sure
But at least I don’t have to fear it anymore

So topics of today’s discussion were
Not exactly something I’d prefer
Things that were waiting to be, were revealed
feelings that needed to be, were peeled
All these things of which I had been daunted
Turned out its exactly what I needed altho never wanted.

Now that its done n dusted
all this confidential info busted
I no longer need to fear
what’ll happen when they hear
The max that could happen is I will be shamed
Of course who else but me can be blamed
but its done, at least I can move on now
Rebuild from scratch everything, somehow.


What do you think?

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