I read this quote today and it makes so much sense… its probably how best to live life.. but when you think… it does not define the limit to which one should compromise or overlook faults…

I have seen people do both these things all all their married lives – it was easier to do than to fight for what they thought was right coz they kept thinking that everyone’s concept of right is different and since they have come into this new community unit they should try molding themselves instead of trying to change the others.

They were slightly wrong in their concept of compromise n change.
It was right for them to try to be one of the others but to the extent that they lose their individuality? That was stupid.

The Self – in the longer run – suffered a setback when they tried to figure out who they were. It conflicted with what they had become n was an even greater setback to the ones they were around when bits of their true self stood out from the normal them.

They are still struggling with this crisis but they shall come through I know it.
In the meanwhile all I can say is to be happy make all the compromises u can, overlook faults in others but in the bid to be happy n keep others happy never ever forget or run-over what you truly are.

Because the ultimate happiness is about being you and enjoying life …
As important as it is to give to others don’t forget yourself in this philanthropic gesture.

Love yourself and loving others becomes easier.


What do you think?

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