Time flies

Today I did what I have been postponing for god knows how long… (well to be precise – for the last 6 months -that’s when I started working again – and got too busy)

Cleaning up my daughters wardrobe – before embarking upon this marathon task I was wishing she were older so she could have done this herself… but oddly after I’ve finished it I’m hoping time would just stop.

My DD is 2 and a half… a wiseass who if I told her would gladly stack her wardrobe on her own – only right now it’d be more work for me to restack the haphazardly laid clothes.

As I was saying, well during this whole ‘ordeal’ I started separating clothes she had outgrown in the last months and to my shock I have 3 bags full(not of wool ;p) of clothes she can no longer wear.

3 big bags of stuff she has outgrown!! Then I realised 6 months ago she could not talk in whole sentences, she could not comb her hair, she did not smile voluntarily for a camera pointed at her face, she could not eat her food on her own, she couldn’t do so many things that seem routine today… – and no, I didn’t miss these things – I just never thought of them as small miracles that they r. 
Time flies.. it just whizzes past u and u don’t know it unless u hit a curve which makes u slow down n reminisce in slow motion … that is when u know – all that worrying about the future, time spent planning plotting of how things should be – well, they r such a waste. If we don’t recognise the gift that is today every tomorrow is the next tension and every yesterday a regret or a distant memory …
I have been told a lot of times that I am a worrier… well I won’t deny it – I am.. n I keep thinking of the future .. I probably even live in it… spoiling my today in the bid… well today the mundane task of cleaning up a closet (pun intended)… seemed to have done it for me…
From this moment on I am going to live in the today.. give my best to me, my daughter, my loved ones and even strangers that I meet during a day. One can’t live with regrets.. what’s gotta happen will happen and as long as we can live each day beautifully, well our life is gonna be beautiful.




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