open your eyes

I feel awesome,
and its coz of a small thing,
the weather’s so beautiful,
i just want to sing.

i realise then..
that the biggest joys..
come from small things,
not huge toys.

i feel free,
like i’ve been reborn,
and all it took..
was a drive..
thru this wonderful morn.

we keep looking..
for things that will..
satisfy our urges, desires,
the voids to fill.

It will never happen,
if you are looking everywhere,
its staring you in the face..
fair and square.

daring you to discover it..
prodding u to look..
wherever you turn..
in every nook.

small miniscule things,
waiting to be shared,
waiting to love you,
with itself bared.

all you gotta do,
is open yourself up,
to experience these things,
and fill your life’s cup.


What do you think?

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