The pursuit of happiness :)

Of course its one of my favorite movies(and yes i know its happyness with a “y”), but that’s not what I am talking about.Each n every one of us is striving towards one goal in life – happiness. Happiness for everyone has a different meaning – dreams, success, beauty, family, friends, status, money and a billion other names can justify what people would define happiness as.

 In pursuit of this ultimate dream we often forget to live. So involved are we in reaching the goal that we forget there’s a life to be lived in the now. So engrossed are we in running towards the finish line, we forget that this isn’t a race track but a garden where one needs to remove their shoes, walk barefoot on the dewy grass, take in the fresh air, appreciate the blooming buds, be fascinated by the occasional butterfly that flutters by, see nature for the miracle that it is. 

 The finish line isn’t really where you think it is. when we are young our finish line is being adults. When we are adults our finish line extends itself to a a house.. having a family.. a money-bank by retirement… and when we retire we end up thinking of a thousand things which we could do if only we were younger. You end up running past your own life. 

 Learn to live everyday. Learn to slow down. Your main priority is happiness? – Well look at a child smiling or a bird in flight.. the sunrise.. take a walk on the beach … love yourself enough to give yourself time and energy… spend time with family.. friends… give to the needy – all these things bring you happiness beyond measure… 

 You can get a job again, a deadline can be extended, a phone can be replaced, you can fall in love again, you can always catch the next bus/train/flight.. but Life – it comes to you only once.

 So Relax and enjoy life. You’ll never live this day again.



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