While cooking lentils today something occurred to me… Our life is like a pressure cooker.

Without the heat and pressure nothing can come out of it fully cooked.
The heat and pressure are the challenges that we face to become what we are.

But like a pressure cooker releases steam, when the pressure becomes too much we should also have a pressure release mechanism.

Keeping too much pressure inside will either overcook or burn you.
Every now and then when pressure builds up take a few minutes, even seconds off for your release.

Your release mechanism could be anything – a song, a walk through the park, a minute of silence, a while in the cool breeze, a five minute stress buster, a stretch – just about anything you can think of to distract you.

And when all this still doesn’t seem to work, theres always the safety valve of laughter to prevent the cooker from exploding and spraying the contents all over the place. As they say laughter is the best medicine ( and its free!).

So remember to whistle – let off steam – excercise the option every now and then – and laugh a lot – whole heartedly! Everything will eventually fall into place 🙂


What do you think?

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