Turn negativity to positivity!!

All of us are faced with people who seem to channel negativity.
The thing with negativity is that it spreads easily , but the good part is – so does positivity!
When we come across negative people, we try to resolve the situation by telling them that they r being negative and that is not how they should react. Well that is criticism which also amounts to negativity at some level.
So instead of alleviating negativity we are unwittingly reinforcing it – empowering negativity further.

The best way to, for the lack of a better word, resolve this situation is to either walk away from it or deviate the topic to something else more positive.

Walking away from the situation is not always possible so the distraction/ deviation method works best.

As I said before, positivity is as contagious as negativity. So don’t fall into the trap of negativity. Introduce to the situation something humorous or just fun. Fun is always positive 🙂

Or better still what some situations warrant is a break from the situation. Take a walk outside. Sometimes all that’s needed is a change of scene.

Through all this don’t forget to stay positive – your positivity will definitely rub off on the others, if not immediately – eventually.

To summarize
1. Introduce fun to a negative situation
2. Take a break from the scene of incidence
3. Stay positive, maintain it.

What we feed we empower – don’t forget to feed happiness … be the change in someone’s life with your cheer.


3 thoughts on “Turn negativity to positivity!!

  1. I have learnt big time this year that – You cannot fight negativity with negativity. The positive thinking works. Let’s all entertain better-feel-good-thoughts, hopefully it will spread around…

    Great post 🙂


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