Happy for no reason :)

Being happy for no reason is the best reason to be happy 🙂

I came across this image on the internet and it seemed to me the most marvelous thought i have read in the longest time and reminded me of my daughter – as she smiles through anything and everything – for no reason..

Seeing her smile is all it takes for my face to break into one too.. all it takes for me to just feel happy…

People keep wondering what I’m smiling about or unnecessarily laughing about. Of course it seems crazy at times but it catches on very soon…

When you don’t have a reason to tie it all down to, you know deep within that somewhere you are at peace with yourself.

Whats most important in life is just that – peace of mind, heart and soul.

When you find peace – you don’t need reasons to be happy.

You are happy because you accept who you are.
You are happy because you know you’ll handle whatever it is that life throws at you
You are happy because you see your happiness also affects others
You are happy because you cant pinpoint exactly why you are happy..

So go ahead, bring out the child in you.. see things for what they are.. just things !!
Tie yourself to goals and ambitions if you have to, but don’t bundle happiness with results of these achievements.

happy-quotes-thoughts-deepak-chopra-reason-child-troubleQuote by Deepak Chopra


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