Perspective change


I received this puzzle from a friend who had been wracking her brains over it for a few hours.

I would have also spent quite a while to understand how the parking lots were marked.. 16 – 06 – 68 – 88 – XX – 98.

i tried a few equations here and there and ended up complicating it, till my daughter came and snatched my phone saying she wanted to listen to rhymes (i have a few rhymes on my phone for easy access). When  she did so, i got an inverted look at the image – and Lo! Behold, I got the answer – its 87 !!


… The change of angle was the answer to the question… The answer was not rocket science that we made it out to be…the puzzle was not about equations .. it was just a simple task about changing how you look at the question…

In the same way.. life is all about looking at everything from different angles… All things have unlimited scope… it all depends on which side you are looking at it from.

Whenever you are faced with a challenging situation and no amount of calculating the permutations and combinations seems to bring you the answers… try looking at it from a different perspective… that may be just the answer you are looking for.


Go on turn yourself upside down !! 🙂


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