Social networking

Its today’s buzz word… transcending all barriers, social networking has arrived on the scene (of course this has been happening for quite some time)

As soon as I say the word, we all start thinking of all the networks we know n are logged on to on the internet. Each new website launched for social networking excites us and within days we have new usernames and handles on these websites.

It is awesome how the whole world is at your fingertips and how you can be friends with anyone even on the other side of the globe.

As much as it amazes me, it also saddens me that these virtual social networks have just taken over our lives, leaving behind the actual definition of social networking.

When we were younger it used to be about sitting in parks with friends, having pyjama parties, playing sports together, going to the lane beyond where you lived and making new friends… having penpals (I don’t remember the last time I actually handwrote a letter).. and just so much more… it was mental as well as physical stimulation… which kids these days seem to lack at a certain level.

We now have friends on the other side of the globe but dont know who our neighbours are.
Even when everyone is out with friends, they are too busy updating Facebook statuses, checking in, seeing what others posted on shared platforms, instant messaging…

I was sent this image on an IM platform yesterday and it got me thinking….


….There are people next to you that you call friends/family and you have come out to spend time with them.. put away your phones, iPads, iPods n everything else and concentrate on the living,breathing human being sitting across. Have an actual conversation. Don’t let the art of conversation die a sad death.

Give time to your family when you are at home. Info on the internet is there to stay .. you can check it later but people aren’t going to be around forever…and  you will only end up regretting not having given them time when you could have.

Set your priorities straight…
Take out family/friends/self time from each day… let these relationships grow with real not virtual contribution from you.
Instead of posting I Love Yous on the internet – walk up to the person and say it to them on their faces. They will appreciate it more because a personal touch means so much more.

Spend time with yourself without these gadgets.. and you will find that everyday you feel rejuvenated and fulfilled.

The internet needs us to grow… we can choose to need it or not…

Its your choice!


What do you think?

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