Calm down

You shout,I shout,We shout
How does that give any solution
Its only noise pollution

More than anything
It clouds how your brain should function
U only end up with compunction

If you really want
That the problem should be sorted
Shouting will leave you with expectations thwarted

Calm down, breathe deep
Think about it before giving your tongue a free hand
Try to smoothe the situation, try to understand

Everyone has problems
You are not the only one subjected to it
Accept what’s come, instead of letting your heart quit

If they shout, you be quiet
Let the moments pass without loud words from you
You will see, as if by miracle, the other will quiet down too

Don’t feed this negativity
You can sit down n calmly discuss
Don’t get pessimistic n don’t fuss

Deal with the situation
Be what you expect others to be with you
Show respect, it’ll reflect back at u too.


What do you think?

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