Live !!

We all have a life.. but how many of us are living it?

I have given myself a couple of months to introspect on what’s been making me unhappy and it wasn’t difficult to find out what I was doing to make myself feel that way…

There were so many reasons that made me deviate from my normal positive self…

Everyone faces pressure situations in life .. and whether you face these head on or retract into a shell … I, against my better sense, retracted into a shell – which affected me more than i could have imagined, ever…

in the past few months, coming out of this shell became such a daunting task… but one definitely worth the time and the effort.

What seemed to be the problem? here’s a list I drew up –

1. I let one small unhandleable situation take precedence over a thousand others i could handle. The sky does get cloudy, murky and dark every once in a while, but fooling yourself into thinking it’s going to be dark forever is a big mistake. The clouds will part, the sun will shine and the dark sky will be bright again. Dont mull over such situations.. you are not perfect – you arent meant to be… make mistakes .. fall but get up and try again…

2. All this happened because once a long time ago I had an experience that had embittered me.. i let that experience make me take a step back when i was confronted with this new problem… I tried to escape… past experiences should serve as inspirations .. not as road blocks… everything that you have survived has made you the person you are today, who is liked by many and cherished by many… grow from your experiences.. dont let them put you down. If you have survived once.. you’ll survive again – maybe better this time around. Take a chance.

3. Since I couldnt handle this situation, I ended up devaluing myself – BIG MISTAKE… give yourself credit… You have gone through and survived so many situations in life, if one doesnt work out.. well its ok… there will be more opportunities, better things coming your way… you dont have to prove anything to yourself.. just believe in who you are and carry on. You are so much more than you think you are…

4. I couldnt let go of the situation or what it had done to me… Things that dont grow you, empower you or things that take the positivity out of you arent worth your time. Let Go!!… learn to let go … it doesnt mean you are giving up… just know, better things are on their way towards you and unless you let go now, they will never find you…

5. I went into a desolate lonely shell…. and it made me feel even more alone… I had stopped interacting with people.. people who mattered… my family, friends… When i decided i needed someone to talk to.. i realised that was all i ever needed… never give up on your family and friends.. you dont have to be strong always.. every once in a while you need a shoulder to cry on, a loved one to pour your heart out to… they are always there with a gentle touch, a nudge in the right direction, a patient ear or the simplest words of love and care – and in that moment you know that you WILL make it… and that you too mean something to someone

6. During this whole ordeal I forgot who I was… I was always told I am a positive person.. i can always see a silver lining in the biggest dark clouds… Just that one experience made me forego my most basic self… Stand up for yourself.. never give up on yourself.. never doubt yourself.. You are the best you that you can be right now. Keep improvising… better yourself everyday… be proud of yourself.. and most of all Have faith in yourself.

I am still at it but I have found myself again and life seems bright and sunny once again. I am going to keep myself afloat ….

I will cherish my life, my friends, my family and I am going to be ready to take on whatever comes my way…

If life hands you lemons… make lemonade… just drink up..  !!

What’s most important is.. Don’t just survive.. Live !!! 


What do you think?

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