Move… move… move!!


Don’t you stop.. u gotta keep moving,
Don’t stand still.. keep improving,
Stagnation does you absolutely no good,
Keep your mind, heart n body in motion, understood?
Learn from your past, don’t get bogged down by it,
Let it be a lesson, don’t let it affect your spirit…
Hardships and bad experiences come and go,
Don’t mull over them, don’t sit on it, just move with the flow..
Let bygones be bygones and the past be past..
You fell? So what? Just get back up, fast!
Pull up your socks, tighten the laces of your shoes,
The road ahead is waiting to be run, this ain’t no pleasure cruise..
There will be ups and there will be downs
There will be deserts n there will be towns
There will be silence n there will be sounds
There will be mountains n there will be plain grounds
Keep learning … keep going… through all terrains
Never let yourself be ever bound by chains –
-Of the past, -Of the bad
-Of the rough,-Of the sad
Keep wanting to move …Keep wanting to learn,
You owe it to your life that has done so much for u – its ur turn!

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