The Best You

Would you like you, if you met you?

Don’t say yes immediately and most of you probably won’t either.

Think about it… what is it about your behaviour, your attitude right now that you wouldn’t like if you were say watching yourself on TV ….. be conscious in times where you are inadvertently hurting people or have the intention to.. think of your life as reality television and you as audience n protagonist…

There is no better way to live life than with no regrets.. it doesn’t mean you lead a complacent narcissistic life not giving anyone else even a speck of importance … which in today’s world translates to living as you will n without regrets..
Be generous in act, words and thoughts… be gentle and kind… be real… don’t fake it just to be in someone’s good books..

Be genuine and the best damn you that you can be!



3 thoughts on “The Best You

  1. If I met me I would be immediately falling in love with me, without a doubt. I’m not saying this to sound wow or whatever. I’m saying this because of all that I have accomplished on a spiritual level via the various chapters of emotional pain throughout my life. So, being here today is a total blessing and one possible because I truly Love myself. And now everyone too, something that wasn’t possible before.

    You share the Light in a beautiful way 🙂


    1. Thank you Treespirit 🙂 but more than that I am glad to have acquainted someone who can say they truly love them self. That is a super achievement and since its at a spiritual level it holds an even deeper meaning. Would love to meet you someday and learn from you. 🙂


      1. Hey!! You make me smile 🙂
        Thank you so much for your kind words. That’s would be great to meet you. Maybe one day, who knows? I’m based in London, what about you? You can email me, if you prefer. See my “About” page.


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