Writer’s block?

So out of the blue one day i start writing.. and turns out quite a few like what i write and similarly out of the blue i sit to write and i cant for the life of me put even a few lines down. Its like my imagination’s deserted me… all inspiration to write… the situations that made me write… all seem to have vanished…

Now I realise its not about situations.. its about whatever comes to your mind…  during turbulent times this was my vent… and it was a good vent … my mind’s been at peace for sometime now…and i dont need to calm myself down as much right now … So i guess the words dont flow as easily…

I used to have a journal when i was younger.. of course it could reveal too much about me to people I wanted to hide it from so i stopped writing… right about that time i guess i started this phase in life where my frustrations started taking the better of me.. little does one realise how therapeutic it is to jot down anything and everything you feel… it brings in perspective about what you are going through.. too many things we end up giving importance too arent worth more time than you have already given them.. but this writing.. its like letting go of something thats weighing you down..

Everyone has their own ways and methods to do that.. mine.. well i have now rediscovered is Writing… i might not write as well as a million other people.. but this to me is better than any therapy or counselling sessions.. Its like I’ve found a new best friend that i can share anything and everything with.

So i am going to continue… to write .. to heal.. to inspire myself… Writer’s block? naah.. its just a mind block… you think you can.. then you know you can and ultimately you will..

follow what you want to.. dont judge it… this is for you… you have a life and you have the right & the duty to live it… do things for yourself.. you can give to others more when you can freely give to yourself… you can love others uninhibitedly only when you love yourself the same… Acceptance of the self leads to acceptance of others…

And i seemed to have wandered off topic again … I guess what I’m out to say is that there is no such thing as a writer’s block… its only when we stop being ourselves, when we stop seeing within.. that we are unable to express ourselves… Be yourself, accept yourself, love yourself and all expressions will flow from you with no barriers…


What do you think?

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