I read this somewhere FLY – First Love Yourself.

As I have said time and again through most of my blogs… Loving yourself should be your first priority in life.

It is good if you give everyone around you priority in your life, but if you don’t enjoy top priority in your own life, well not just you but everyone else around you is also missing out on a lot.

Start by accepting yourself – with all your faults and vices – You are awesome, you are beautiful – never put yourself down – never compare yourself to others… complete selflessness comes only thereafter… otherwise whatever you are doing for others is just a reflection of what you yourself need. The need to please others can become all-pervading… Modify that slightly – make this a need to please yourself.. pamper yourself every once in a while… you don’t have to become self-obsessed, narcissistic… all you’ve got to do is in that list of things you do for others, make sure a percentage is also for yourself. You will start seeing changes in the way you view life.

Its ok to get hurt… in fact it is a surity that you will get hurt… its one of the side-effects so to say, of opening yourself up. There will be people who like you and there will be people who wont.. No two fingers in your hand are alike, so are people around.. everyone has their own measure of what they like and dont… that is their choice and their problem – not yours. Be you, as you as you possibly can. Knowing what you are simplifies a lot of things in life. Dont compromise on it. This is the one thing that will help you recognise people who truly honestly love you… people who accept you for you (and not for what you do for them).. people who let you be you. Thats the truest treasure in life – the luxury of having the liberty to be yourself.

In the end, when you are living the last moments of your life, your greatest regrets will be not having experienced more in life as you.. you will not remember things you did for others.. you will remember things you didnt do for yourself..  Live your life in such a way that if today were your last day and you think back on your life – it should bring a smile to you and not remind you of things you could have done when you had the chance.

Live life fully and F-L-Y !!


6 thoughts on “FLY

  1. Great post!
    Have you tired to do the “mirror worK” as per Louise Hay’s advice? It’s weird at first but as you practice is wonderful. Basically every morning, you look at yourseld in the mirror and say “I Love you [your name], I really Love you!”.
    You probably know about this, but as I read your post about loving ourselves first, it immediately came to my mind and thought of sharing it with you.

    Have a wonderful F-L-Y journey! 🙂


    1. Thank you Tree spirit.
      Yes I have heard about the mirror work. It is still weird for me to do it. I am still a traveller on the path of self love. And I hope to reach my destination sooner than I predicted.
      Thank you once again for liking the post.


      1. No worries, Tranenschleier, you will get wherever you wish to. Believe you can do it. If you connect with Angels call upon them and ask them to help you, to guide you and protect you. If you don’t, you will find a way because a way will me made for you. Especially for you.


  2. Oops! I meant “tried”… not “tired”! Typooooo! Lol!

    By the way, Louise L.Hay is one of the most inspiring souls of our times. She’s the founder of Hay House and author of many books etc… the most classic one is “You Can Heal Your Life”, which to me is a MUST book to everyone on a spiritual/awakening path.


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