Torn between whats right and wrong,
I don’t know where i belong,
Mind, so turbulent, disturbed,
Clarity, holding back, curbed.
I know what I want,
but still see it daunt..
the living daylights out of me,
i can bear it, but why should she?
She is so young, full of life,
why should she be put through any strife?
i don’t know how it will affect her,
what if she later thinks i’m a cur?
I want her to be hale and happy,
a good person, bold and scrappy,
I definitely don’t want to err,
what if what i want is not good for her?
I wish someone could tell me,
just help me see,
that if i stuck to my desire,
it will not later rouse her ire, 
that she’ll come out of this unscarred,
I’ll go ahead right now – no holds barred.

What do you think?

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