She has tried her hardest to forget
But those eyes, they still haunt her
She avoids them as much as possible
But when faced with them she can barely stir.

She knows she should stay away
She knows its better for her
Those eyes will spell her doom
If she doesn’t stop and deter

Deep dreamy intoxicating eyes
Alive expressive happy eyes
How can she not look into them
How can she not drown again ..

But the Reality – she’s gotta face
The truth of the hour – she must embrace
She’s living with a cracked heart
She can’t afford to fall apart

But these eyes they’ve set a benchmark
Not every pair has the same spark
Many More eyes will come and go
Some she’ll ignore, some she’ll wanna know

As always, she keeps telling herself
she has got to keep moving
Life’s anyway too complicated,
One’s gotta keep grooving.

There’s always something better waiting ahead,
All she’s gotta do is be patient some more,
Maybe another pair of eyes will find her,
make her soul soar.


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