Who Are You?

Sometimes I wonder – am I really who i am or pretending to be what others want me to be.. I’m rebellious but a conformist too.. the moment i tell myself this is me.. the rebellious me says – heck no!! … this is not you.. this is what the conformist you has made you…
I thought i have always been content with what life throws at me… handling it with panache’ if i may say so… but friends, family – people who ‘know’ me.. said I was like the duck swimming in water — calm on the outside.. paddling away like crazies on the inside.. and I introspect and find its probably true…

How do i know who i am… if every time i think i have figured it out and i end up doubting myself…

How do you know who you are – REALLY WHO you are – maybe you all could help me…


What do you think?

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