Isn’t life just a waste if nothing inspires you?
I’m looking for inspiration 
to live..
to laugh..
to love..
.. and through all the diversity i see around me… nothing inspires me to be happy…
i exist…i survive…but i don’t live…  
my lips curve.. but the smile doesn’t reach the eyes…
my eyes scrunch up… but the tears don’t trickle…
my face contorts into a million expressions… but i don’t feel anything… 
the heart – it pumps blood alrite.. but has forgotten love
the soul – its paralyzed with inactivity and death
the mind – is at work .. negativity its new best friend.. 
and inspiration – with it happiness & life… they still elude me… 

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Start with your hands. Take a good look at your hands without making any judgements. Just look at them and feel them together. Now… think of the things you can make with your hands… perhaps bake a cake, write a shopping list, water the plants, type blog posts on your computer, use a mechanical device, touch the soft hair of a child, write poetry, take photographs of the ocean, the garden, the urban landscape…

    Think of your hands as a source of inspiration. Then move to your heart and stop there. You wouldn’t want inspiration from mind source as that’s ego driven.

    Be proud of yourself. There’s no other you, like you.
    Wishing you well,
    Tree Spirit xx


    1. Thank you tree spirit. Just been feeling low n lost a while … its direction I m seeking n my mind seems more determined than my heart… so waiting for something to strike me as an inspiration to steer myself…
      Thank you for your response…


      1. You’re very welcome.
        I’ve been reading your recent posts and want to comment. I will visit your blog with more time soon, I hope.
        Please be gentle with yourself. And trust your intuition.


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