Bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks

skin like milk, tiny pointy nose

make the perfect face..

i have brown eyes, hollows for cheeks

pockmarked skin & a ‘capsicum’ nose

perfection’s got no place..

Why do we value what others think

Who’s to say what perfection is?

why do we care if we’re black or pink?

who’s to say that’s better or this?

i have a beautiful heart

i feel for others

my tears flow

at the pain of another

superficiality bothers me

hypocrisy smothers me

sympathy is not my game

empathy is hard to tame

i would like me if i met me

why is it so difficult for others to see

look at people for who they really are

They might not be the sun, but they could be your star

There’s a beauty beyond what stares you in the face

There are good souls waiting for you to embrace


What do you think?

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