Sanity Rediscovered..

I don’t know why I stop writing…

these past few days have been easier on my heart, mind and soul – now that I have resumed writing..

I know I’m no great shakes when it comes to writing.. but it’s so much better than maintaining a journal… a few lines a day or every two days and the head feels clearer…

This is better than sweating in a gym or hitting pillows… takes lesser time to de-clutter whatever’s bothering me and get back perspective in life – when everything else seems to be running amok…

next to music & reading this is my favourite pastime – and second to spending time with my daughter this is the best stress buster there is…

And.. I totally agree with Lord Byron 😉


So I’m going to make conscious effort at remaining sane.. I’m going to keep writing..



What do you think?

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