Not the end…

She came knocking one day

Out of the blue, totally unexpected

But who can expect her

They fear her, they fear the day they’ll meet her

For themselves, for the ones they love

No one’s ever ready, or so we think

But sometimes, all they need to do

Is live each moment, not dreading the end of it

Know, just that, what starts must end

Having dreams is not enough,

But having the courage n conviction to pursue them is..

Reaching your goal isn’t what its made out to be

Its taking the first step towards it and continuing is what matters

So when she does come calling

You can let her in, embrace her even …

Knowing you did all u could in the time u had..

Life, was Lived.. 

Memories were created and shared

Loved ones were showed they were loved

And then she can do all she wants..

She, Death, is not the end ! 


~ to my Grandmother (Pati), We love you, will always… You were a fighter and an inspiration… 


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