Let it rain..

I feel another’s pain
As much as mine
I so wish I couldn’t
But I’ve crossed that line

It comes so easily
But it isn’t easy
All may look fine on the surface
But nothing’s as breezy

Dig deep into the others soul
And you will find
Hundreds of wishes unfulfilled
Thousands undefined

Ever smiling and spreading cheer
They r your shoulder to cry on
Who do they turn to then
When all their hopes r gone

Their soul absorbs it all
Squeezing eyes dry
So no tears may fall
So the heart doesn’t cry

It’s all buried underneath
So no one would ever know
The face that makes you smile
Has so much it doesn’t show

I respect you all so much
For all that you do for everyone
I wish I could do a bit of what u do
So u could also come undone

Let out some of the hurt
Push out some of the pain
Let your tears flow
Oh ! Just let it rain.


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