Empty spaces

My heart n soul feel empty
After all the noise they used to make
So used to being crowded by thoughts
This silence seems too much to take

I used to crave silence
A moment, just the one, of peace
Now I don’t know what to do
When I have no one to appease

So strange this feels
To have nothing to think or do
I still like to live for others
But my life’s my own now too

Free, yes I feel free
That’s what I always wanted
But this emptiness within me
Shouldn’t feel like I’m being taunted

I’ve got to start getting used to it
Begin my time anew
Fill this emptiness with MY desires
Such chances are so rare and few

I’ve picked up my pieces
I know I’m putting them well together
I’m not going back to the old me
Not now, not ever!



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