Freedom struggle

Being able to BE oneself
There is no greater luxury
Learning everyday, every moment
What it’s like to be me

I kinda like this person
That I now realise I hardly knew
I was just flitting through life
Without any damn clue

Not knowing where I’m going
Wondering what more to do
Everyone around me was happy
But something was missing, I knew

I kept looking for answers
At all the wrong places
I kept on competing
In all life’s weird races

Tired and exhausted
That’s how I’d always feel
I didn’t know what was wrong
How many ever layers I peel

I set upon a road
To find real contentment
I was sick of all the unrest
Of all the bloody resentment

I have found parts of me
Scattered here and there
I’m collecting all these pieces
With every bit of care

This journey that I am on
Has indeed taken very long
But I’m happy I’m finding my way
I know now where I belong

Flying in the bright open sky
Swimming in the deep blue sea
Running with the swift wind
Hopping skipping jumping, Free .. Just being me 🙂



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