Absence of life..

A million thoughts run amok
Wandering, lost,
Amidst a million more..
What do we want from life?
What do we want from ourselves?
Questions on a loop
Pointing towards blank nothingness
What do we have today?
What can we have tomorrow?
Why does it matter?
When do we live,
Do we live at all
Or merely exist,
Survive this battlefield
Only to lose onself to death..
Aren’t we already dead?
The dreams,
Desires of the enthusiastic mind..
Nothing but words on a journal,
Repeated ,
Enhanced through the years,
Yet just words..
a legacy of wishes
Left behind
What do we need?
What do we do?
Eternal musings
Of the unfulfilled soul.
Maybe death is the real salvation..
The full stop to these questions..
The end to this infinite loop.
Then why fear death?
Welcome it with open arms
Invite it,
Be fulfilled, finally..



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