They say it’s really difficult but sometimes I feel it’s easier to hide the frown and wear a fake smile.
As fake as it may be – it feels better to see your smile reflected on another’s face instead of your pain reflecting from millions of shattered pieces of your heart as you look within.
It’s courageous they say… hell No!!
Courageous is to look within and be able to face all your broken pieces, collect them, put them back together and wait for it to shatter again into newer shapes.
This jigsaw of the cracked soul, of the fractured heart is a puzzle we all gotta play sooner or later whether or not we like it. And this is to be played in private.
So don’t look into the mirror, when you step out into the world – because your eyes show you only whats within. Pick up that fake smile you drop at the doorstep every time you return. Be the one who smiles, brings smiles – maybe one of those smiles that you get – genuinely makes you smile – for a moment freeing you of any memory of whats within you.



What do you think?

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