Memories, remnants of the happy yesterdays..
Sometimes become comparisons for the todays,
We always seem to see the past better than it was…
Why do we always think the present is worse than it is?
Why would we do that to ourselves, to others?
Being happy today becomes so tedious thinking of the yesterdays and the tomorrows
What will tomorrow bring?
What did yesterday mean?
What about – how do I make today special?
Why don’t we ask ourselves this for a change ?
Maybe even that is too big a task…
So let us start with – how do I make this very moment a damn amazing one?
And once this moment is done then move on to the next moment…
These moments , small little portions of today, become then the memories of and seeds for tomorrow…
I am what I am – at this moment.. Not what I was a moment ago and not what I will be a moment later…
Maybe then, once we start living not one day at a time but one moment at a time,
making it happy, making it worthwhile, making it the best ever with what we have –
These moments woven together will make the today momentous.
And when our today is great, maybe we won’t look back at yesterday looking for memories of better times
maybe we won’t worry so much about what tomorrow will bring as we would look forward to it..
Just moments…



What do you think?

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