Forgetting how to write
So much piling up inside
I’m missing a vent,
Surrounded by people
Who’d maybe even listen
But I realise now what writing meant

Everyone says they understand
Everyone thinks they can feel it
A helping hand or a willing shoulder, they lend,
But the turmoil inside me
It never comes out fully
What I do not understand – how can they comprehend?

The brave exterior –
The now well practised smile
Is my only saviour,
But when you r all alone
Can you really be fooled
By your own fake behaviour?

I have everything
Maybe a lot more than one needs
I’m probably even living someone’s dream,
I know it very well
That life is always
So much better than it may seem.

But I guess
There will be days
When you won’t wish to understand,
And drowning will seem
Like a better option
Than to get out of this quicksand.

I’m gonna let me be
I’m gonna let me sink
Till i feel at some point that I need out,
Till then I’m gonna let
This feeling take me
If and when I gotta fight, I know I will, without a doubt!



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