The answer!

All things someday come to an end
Whatever it is that you do
Everything and everyone is temporary
All that is permanent is you

Situations and people come and go
Feelings arise, heighten and ebb
That’s what everyday is made up of
That’s life’s unavoidable web

If u have to avoid, avoid attachments :
To people, to things, to desires;
The lesser one depends on,
The lesser one requires.

Be kind, be generous to others, but
Get to know yourself, inside and out
Don’t do for others and expect in return
Be the change, u want to bring about

Do a lot for everyone, sure!
But love yourself immensely too
Yes, many people in your life are important,
But without yourself, who are you?

So the next time u feel low and lonely
Remember there’s one that will always be there,
Don’t look around you, just look within,
You – yes you – are the answer to your prayer!



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