For a friend


I pray for your well being

I wish good things for you

I hope u r always happy

Coz ppl like u r so few


U give so much of you

Not just to one but all

U touch so many lives

N hold them when they fall


So when you are sad or angry

I dunno what to say

I can only wish for u

That ur grief goes away


I wish you’d love yourself more

I wish I could make you

But alas it isnt in my hands

It’s something you’ve got to want to


Being there for others

Is of course a good trait

but being there for yourself

now that’s what would be great


I’m not asking you

To change who & what you are

All I request you to do

Is to make sure you too are at par


Life will go on;

People will come and go

You are whats important

That is what you should know


So start believing in yourself

Dont let others define

What or who you should be

Have faith that you are just fine


Your family stands beside you

Some say it doesn’t get better than that

But you’ve also got so many friends

Who’d never ever let you fall flat


You have everything you need

All of it is within you

Just open yourself to accept

Everything old and new


Forgive whatever hurt you

Let go of what pulls you down

May your smile play on ur face

& vanquish that horrid frown


Just be who you are

Live fully every day

If u ever need me

I’m just a thought away.




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