Ignorance is Bliss

Can you read me?
We’ve been together for most of our lives
And I still wonder if you can

Can you see the hidden droplets in my eyes?
You’ve looked into them a million times
Or maybe you have looked through them

Can you see the anguish behind my smiles?
You’ve smiled along, and given me a few too,
But do you feel it when my smiles don’t reach my eyes

Can you hear the screams behind my Silence?
My throat is sore, although I’ve never screamed out loud
Hoping, praying that you hear me – one day

Can you feel the dying soul in this body?
The wrinkles are now showing, the body is waning now
My soul, oh but my soul’s been dying for so long

Can you… No you can’t, you never could –
It was just me and my hopeless hopefulness
That one day I’d see a flicker of recognition in your eyes
That someday you’d hold my hand and say you KNOW me
That a day would come when I would be able to let the tears, the anguish, the screams out and you would understand
That in that moment my soul would revive itself even if my body is unable to

But No, you can’t, you won’t and I’ve lost all hope.
I spent it all on you, and as I count the last flickers of whats left –
The tears will not hide anymore
The sadness will show itself
The screams will scare you
The soul will finally find peace in death
But you – you still won’t understand
You , oh ignorant one, can live in your bliss, while I die to go to mine




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