.. e n o u g h ..

She craves peace, not silence… ’cause in the silence that surrounds her, she hears the screams inside her head, the noise of the shattered soul mixed with that of broken dreams; a cacophony of unbearable, inharmonious sounds that don’t form a melody, although they belong together.

She wants either everything or nothing at all … ’cause in the gaps and grays between the fulfilled and unfulfilled, she loses her way, she gets torn between what she wants & what she needs; a vast murky sky of thoughts and the endless depths of her purpose beckon her, to fulfill herself – free herself.

She has done enough, cried enough, fought enough, suffered enough, and she thinks she’s lived enough – ’cause she can’t take it anymore.. if she can’t laugh enough, love enough, play enough, feel free enough – this existence isn’t worth enough. She’s fighting to survive, to exist – living is a far away dream.. going farther away everyday.

Yes, she’s had enough …She craves peace …she wants either everything or nothing at all.



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