Its 1 am and i pretend to sleep
Ive sung to myself, read to myself
Why cant i go to sleep ?
They say count sheep..
1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep… 135 sheep
Why do i have to count sheep ?
Shouldnt i be counting seconds instead ?
See how much time i take to go to sleep
1 second, 2 seconds,  3 seconds
Why are they called seconds ?
Why cant they be called firsts ?
1 first, 2 firsts, 3 firsts, 4 thirst
I need water and while im up
why dont i just have a glass of wine
Or maybe coffee..NO.. just water
Its 2 am and my minds still wandering
Why cant i sleep?
Let me count sheep.. No not sheep..
Something nicer.. colourful.. like the rainbow
1rainbow, 2 rainbows, 3 rainbows, 4 rainbows, 5 rainbows, 6 rainbows, 7 colours of the rainbow
Such beautiful colours..
Violet, indigo, blue…
Blue is such a pretty colour..
Why do they associate it with sadness?
Red is the colour of danger..
Why is red the colour of love?
Love is supposed to calm you
Or is it?
Maybe thats what they want to tell us..
Love is danger.. be alert..
Its dangerous for your heart
Its the reason your life turns upside down..
It plays games with your mind.
My minds wide awake … my eyes are closed… i have to sleep. ..
Maybe i shouldnt think of sheep or seconds or rainbows or colours or love..or…
Damn! its 3 am… Why cant i just sleep ???
Maybe i should count the stars..
1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars,  4 stars..
Oh! The moon looks so pretty..
In all its serene whiteness
White against the black sky
Black and white..
Now thats how life should be
None of the greys.. they complicate things
Why do we complicate things?
Why cant everything be simple –
The way it should be… the way its meant to be
Either all in or all out
Say yes when you mean yes
No when you mean no
Black or white.. black and white
My favourite colour combination
Ok ! So we are back to colours???…aargh!!
Its 4 am… i have to wake up in an hour
Why cant i fucking sleep ???
I need to sleep, i need the rest
My body… and god! My mind needs it
My mind needs peace..
When will the pieces of my life become whole again
My whole life is such a mess
The kitchens a mess, maybe i should clean it up..
No! SLEEP !.. the kitchen can wait..
How long do i have to wait before i can sleep?
I wish my eyes stop fluttering
I wish my eyelids just droop with the fatigue
I wish to feel sleep enter my body
Drain my mind and capture my imagination in dreams
Yes.. sleeep… no sheep.. just sleep
I can sleep.. *sigh* *smile*





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