Let go

Is it my ego
or my pain?
Why is it
so hard to explain?
I so wish
I could compehend,
Confusion –
well, its not my friend!
What i really need
is some clarity,
My minds all fogged up
& its sheer brutality,
I have to find
some way,
So all this can be
clear as day.
I dont want
to hurt anyone,
But i also need
my time in the sun.
Why cant you
just understand?
Instead of fighting
lend me a hand..
Why does it
have to be,
A case of you
versus me?
I know i want out,
but it isnt the end,
It’ll still be us,
I’ll still be your friend.
Let go of me..
Oh please just do,
You have your life,
I want one too.

Please let me go.



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