Where are we headed?

What are we looking for?

Why all the discontent?

How do we stop this war?

This constant unending battle

Between the heart and mind

Taking its toll on the soul

With persistent forward and rewind

Never quite figuring out

What we are trying to find

No clue what we are running after

Or of what we are leaving behind

Life used to be beautiful

With something to look forward to

Everyday used to be wonderful

‘Cause each day brought something new

The cycle is still the same

Why doesn’t it bring us joy anymore?

Why do we question every single thing?

When did the magic go out the door?

I wish we could slow down

I wish we could just breathe

No more running or hiding

Not letting life seethe

Haven’t we had enough

Of all this worry and sadness

Can somebody please help find

The end to all this madness

Just existing isn’t going to cut it

Don’t let life be so vainly destroyed

This privilege that’s been given to us,

This journey should be (its meant ) to be enjoyed

I hope we find a way.

One day.



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