This is me

I am… 

 …a happy-go-lucky worrier

 …a meticulous mess-maker

 …an intelligent dimwit

 …a mistake-making perfectionist

 …a spontaneous planner

 …a shy extrovert


 …an oxymoron of sorts!!


This blog is my only outlet, a vent if you may.. the only place where I am and can be myself…

The world sees the smile on this face and thinks all’s fine … I know what is behind the smiles.. and now you do too.

What i write is an amateur attempt at best, but i’ve realised it relieves me some…

To see – what i feel – put into words , brings a certain tangibility and clarity in the otherwise murky waters of my brain and bottomless thoughtpool.

I know many who are sailing in the same boat and i also know i’m helping noone by giving words and shapes to my feelings – this is not a philanthropic attempt to save the world.. it is a last ditch effort to save myself from myself.



What do you think?

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