And it’s over…
I breathe a sigh of relief..
But, Sigh! It’s over…


You don’t know her.. noone does.




Then Now Then

And when things are over
you shade the memories
in colours of your mood..
When the now is tough
yesterdays seem brighter
and makes you brood..
Then suddenly you are glad
for all the bygones
when the today is good..
Everyday is new
Each moment’s something else
It just needs to be understood.


Let go

Is it my ego
or my pain?
Why is it
so hard to explain?
I so wish
I could compehend,
Confusion –
well, its not my friend!
What i really need
is some clarity,
My minds all fogged up
& its sheer brutality,
I have to find
some way,
So all this can be
clear as day.
I dont want
to hurt anyone,
But i also need
my time in the sun.
Why cant you
just understand?
Instead of fighting
lend me a hand..
Why does it
have to be,
A case of you
versus me?
I know i want out,
but it isnt the end,
It’ll still be us,
I’ll still be your friend.
Let go of me..
Oh please just do,
You have your life,
I want one too.

Please let me go.


Dead Us

at both ends,
this is all we have
Does it make any sense?

For the sake of the world
we put up with one another
What are we getting out of this?
Why do we even bother?

You dont get it, and
I cant make you understand
So I prepare myself
to slowly drown in this quicksand

I’ve loved you like no other
I’ve given you my all
I just never knew that
That would be my downfall

I wish you’d understand,
one day, & let go of me
I guess i’ll just wait for the day
The day that i’m finally free.


Dont come near me

There could be noone nicer
for people who dont know me
the closer someone’s to my heart
the worse i treat them, really

why am i such a wreak
why do people who love me have to suffer
they dont deserve what i do to them
why dont i make it difficult instead for the other

eventually everyone gets tired of this game i play
i guess i make it easier for them to walk away