Then Now Then

And when things are over
you shade the memories
in colours of your mood..
When the now is tough
yesterdays seem brighter
and makes you brood..
Then suddenly you are glad
for all the bygones
when the today is good..
Everyday is new
Each moment’s something else
It just needs to be understood.





You vs You

It’s funny, this life
Takes a second for it to go upside Down..and you are left to wonder whether maybe it’s come right side up.
It’s all about how you see it I guess…
If you decide to be unhappy with what you have, no amount of change in your situation will make it better.. and if you decide to be happy .. then no amount of pain could make it bad.
The key to all this is to not attach your happiness to anyone or anything other than yourself.
People will be what they are, expecting them to change is the stupidest thing you can do.
It’s not about accepting whatever we have, it’s about accepting who we are, it’s about accepting our reaction to people and situations and to realise that it’s all in our hands. It really is.
Key being accept not expect. Accept urself n others as they are.. stop expecting others to do as u want them to.
Still learning my lessons… Still learning to accept and be happy…
It’s weird how we find it easier to place our happiness in others and not so simple to place it in our selves, although we’ve been with ourselves our whole life ;p.
It’s funny, this life.




Move on..

This is for you:

Stop dwelling in the past
Nothing is meant to last

What was there yesterday
Will eventually fade away

The sooner that you learn
The lesser that you’ll burn

Step out into the unknown
& Build a life of your own

Life will give you a reprieve
You’ve only got to believe



She was the storm

Destroying anything

that came close to her

Uprooting all

She was fire

Burning everything

that fuelled her

Annihilating all

She was a black hole

Consuming anything

in her path

Devouring all

She was a murderer

Smothering not just herself

but also her dreams

Ravaging all

She was Nothingness

Empty, hollow,

drained and barren